Electronic Fuel Injection System

The purpose of the Fuel Injection System is to calibrate and optimise the fuel/air ratio that enters your vehicle’s engine. Fuel injection has recently become the primary fuel delivery system used in automotive petrol engines, completely replacing carburetors.

The injection system consists of electronic components and sensors. It must be kept clean and well calibrated in order to maximize the engine’s power and efficiency and to reduce gas consumption. Our technicians can make sure that your vehicle’s fuel injection system remains highly efficient!

Main Components of the Fuel Injection System

  • Sensors

  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

  • Fuel Injectors

  • Fuel Pump

  • Carburettor service
  • Modification
  • Repairs
  • Reconditioning and tuning of all automotive carburettors
  • Fuel injector cleaning
  • Dyno tuning
  • EFI diagnosis